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Screen-caps for scene numero uno. - Isn't anyone bottom curious? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Isn't anyone bottom curious?

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Screen-caps for scene numero uno. [May. 19th, 2010|09:04 pm]
Isn't anyone bottom curious?
[mood |gigglygiggly]

I can't seem to put the images into a 'cut'. Sorry about that. I'm sure it's no harm, though... these are pictures of boys we admire, after all.

                   Calling for Andy.

                            Thinking Mr. Puckov is sexy.

                Waiting for Andy to get out of dream land.

                                        (drops book)

                                          Still waiting.

♫♪  It's peanut butter boner time, peanut butter boner time! ♫♪

                       Realization has struck him.

                                            Oh no.


                That's the expression of a sex beast.

          Those buns don't lie. Neither does Rodzilla.


Turns out Mr. Puckov wasn't REALLY screwing Andy's
                                    brains out...

      ... and that scene was of Andy's sexual imagination.


                             (sticks it back up his butt)

           He likes it all the way to the carrot's leaves.

                             (yank, yank) No, the door!


I bet she thinks her sweet son just woke up from a deep sleep.


Hmm, I wonder why the hamster's missing... so peculiar.

                (takes it out while she's not looking)

                                  Hmm, a hanger...

               The mom lifts up the blanket and finds...

                        ... something oh so strange...

A  cucumber with a condom on it AKA Fake Penis Sex Toy.


                                           "Heh heh..."

 Mrs. Wilson takes off the entire blanket... and reveals...

... many different things, including pliers for those pesky hairs
               and measuring tape for an enhanced ego.

                          I bet dad's used 'em before.


                                      Very stressful.

Finally, they left... but now he hasn't reached his climax. Very

Yup. Your son's gay! Dad approves, mom's pretty flabbergasted.

  Very tall, uh... woman. Ahem. I wonder why he chose her?

                                Hmm... homo son...?

                              (Holy music plays.)