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Isn't anyone bottom curious?
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"Andy is an All-American seventeen-year-old gay virgin. Like everyone else, he's dying to have sex. Totally out of the closet and mad-crazy horny, this naive high school senior is caught in that awkward vortex between child and adult. Much to the dismay of his Mom (who wonders why all her carrots and cucumbers keep disappearing), Andy spends much of his private time practicing for the big moment when he'll finally take the plunge.

Andy is not alone. He attends high school with his three best friends. Jarod is a buff varsity-jock stud. Griff is the valedictorian, sinewy sexy, and a closet romantic. Nico is the pierced alternative-kid gay-cinema expert. The guys all have one thing in common - they're all anal sex virgins.

Muffler, 18, the boys' "bull dyke" lesbian friend, delights in pointing out their virginity. Muffler is a cheerleader-magnet with loads of sexual experience. The final straw for the guys comes at Muffler's graduation party, where everyone is having sex but them. That night they make a pact to lose their anal-sex virginity -- to do "the big A" -- by the end of summer.

What follows is a raunchy ride. Along the way, the film spoofs not only mainstream teen-sex comedies such as American Pie and the gay movies Trick, Broken Hearts Club, Edge of Seventeen, and Get Real and television show Queer as Folk, but it also sends up other elements of gay culture and sexuality in a distinctly irreverent manner.

Beneath the film's sex-romp exterior is a story of friendship and loss of innocence. Each character experiences his own rite of passage." - Wikipedia

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